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October 12, 2013 By: M. Kotary Category: Diamond Nails


Diamond Nails are a new trend starting in 2014. Best Nail Designs 2013 shows off how each year, new nail designs and trends change. Today’s popular and ongoing trend of 2013 becomes nothing compared to 2014. New nail trends shows us how in 2013 and now 2014, glitter, decals, designs, art, and gems (even diamonds) are popular and trending, even for short nails you can put acrylic or gel nails. One of the newest trends are Diamond Nails The newest trend and best nail design is the 3D manicure nail art that has become the hottest thing where sculpture powder is used to make it 3-D. The New Year is a few weeks away and it’s a joyous, celebratory time and woman are trying to capture and be on top of the latest nail designs trend on art, style, and glamour. Nail designs will now show of the top, best nail designs of 2014. – See more at:

Diamond Nails 275x300 Diamond Nails designsshortnailsdiamons and flower 300x225 Diamond Nails designsfloweranddiamons 300x225 Diamond Nails designscheetapinkanddiamonds 300x300 Diamond Nails designs bluediamondnails 300x225 Diamond Nails designs black diamond nail art 300x239 Diamond Nails designs

sparklei ndianliketheme 300x225 Diamond Nails designs

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